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4911 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68132

(402) 551-4831

As a boutique specializing in European and domestic collections, Nan C. has strived for over 25 years to create a one on one customer experience. We want our clients personal style to shine through in impeccable fashion. Because of you, our customers, we have many years doing what we love...providing fashion that suits your lifestyle.

Together, we will provide the assistance to simplify your shopping experience. We value you business and have grown from our clients friendship. thank you for your continued support in the past and into the future.

We are a luxury women's boutique located in the center of Omaha, Nebraska.  We carry brands such as;  Brunello Cucinelli, Lida Baday, Gimos, Veronica Beard, Herno, Hache & Organic by John Patrick.

Jardin du Luxembourg


Jardin du Luxembourg

Nan C

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